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The traditional art of storytelling is featured through tales of tragedy, death and the ghosts that remain. Our Ghost Walks are a unique way to experience places and buildings while enjoying only the darkest of history and spookiest of ghost stories.

Real paranormal experiences have happened at every Ghost Walk we run! These locations are carefully chosen for their history and energy… to ensure the best chance at encountering something ghostly.

The Ghost Walks & Dark History Tours

Ghost Walks of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada's Most Haunted Town! So many ghost stories in the old town, many of them easily tracing back to real people who lived and died in Niagara-on-the-Lake. DETAILS & RESERVATION

Ghost Walks of The Hermitage Ruins - didn't anyone tell you not to go into the dark forest at night? Ignore them with a walk to the ruins of a haunted mansion deep in the haunted woods! DETAILS & RESERVATION

Ghost Walks of the Custom House allow you to step inside Hamilton's Most Haunted Building for a unique tour! So many paranormal encounters have occurred during tours and events inside this building … it’s possible you’ll have one of your own! DETAILS & RESERVATION

Ghost Walks of Downtown Hamilton are the original tours. Unique, dark and strange stories which only this city can contain. DETAILS & RESERVATION

Haunted Ruthven Ghost Town & Graveyards are perfectly rounded Ghost Walks featuring a haunted mansion, a stroll along the ancient Grand River, and not one, but two graveyards! DETAILS & RESERVATION

Haunted Hamilton's Ghost Hunts are paranormal investigations for everyone! Take part in a night dedicated to communication with the dead, ghost stories and real experiences.

The Haunted Bus Trips visit some of the most haunted places in North America. Hosted by Haunted Hamilton and featuring only unique and spooky adventures. VISIT HAUNTED BUS TRIPS

Dark Trolley Tour A calm ride along the city’s Waterfront Trail… at night with violent and haunting stories to keep you company! DETAILS & RESERVATION

Hamilton's Dark History Tours are the most dark and murderous stories of Hamilton, a city known for its mobsters and killers! DETAILS & RESERVATION

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